Where swimming pools are concerned, as much as you want them to look luxe and inviting, they must above all, be safe. The ability to own and maintain your own swimming is a luxury available to just a few no doubt, but they can also be dangerous if you are not careful. They are certainly not to be taken lightly, which is why if you are in the process of building one, you should pay close attention to building tips. They will help you take the right measures accordingly, and ensure that your family has a good time as safely as possible. With small children, adult supervision is mandatory, especially when dealing with portable pools.

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Install A Pool Cover

The type of security and safety you implement will depend on whether you have small or grown-up children, but there are a few things like pool covers that we think are necessary in either case. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so you can pick and choose according to you and your pool’s requirements. They even have pool covers for above ground pools if you need. Aside from preventing children from accidentally falling in, pool covers are also great for keeping your pool cleaner.


The installation of a pool fence is vital, and may even be a local code that is required depending on the area in which you live. Setting up fencing or barriers of some kind is essential, and an extra layer of protection for those who need it. Ideally, you need to have fencing that is four-sided and at least 4 feet high if you want it to do its job. You should also have a self-closing and self-latching gate integrated into the fencing, so make sure you let the provider know this.

Remove Unnecessary Goods

There may be all sorts of pool gear strewn and scattered above, from floaties to pool toys, flippers, goggles and what not. Obviously, these are dangerous, as anyone can trip and fall over them in a hurry. Make sure that once everyone is done using the pool, they take all their items back and put them away carefully and safely. Do a complete sweep of the area, both in and around the pool to ensure everything is clean and clear. If a young child sees a toy floating in the pool, they may automatically try to reach in and grab it, even falling in, in the process.

Set Up Similar Pool Rules

Just because your pool is at home and in a more relaxed, private environment, it does not mean that the rules applicable to public pools are not useful here. For instance, the ‘No Running’ rules is useful, especially as the pool area is typically wet. Do not let children run, only walk. Additionally, enforce the ‘No Diving’ rule as well, since it is unlikely that your pool has a great depth to it. Home pools normally do not. Prohibit jumping in as well, if people are swimming already or if the area is shallow.