If your home has a garage that faces the road, your garage door plays a major role in your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’ll have wooden, aluminium or steel garage door greatly depends on the overall exterior design of your home. Always choose a design that is durable and complements the design of your home for overall harmony in design. With so many styles and designs to choose from, picking one can be a challenging task. To help you out, here are the common types of garage doors and how they work.


Roll up garage doors are more commonly used on commercial properties than residential. However, if your garage has lesser overhead space, this is a perfect pick for you. It is composed of steel slats that are interconnected with each other and rolls around a drum that is installed above the garage door itself. Roll up style is really durable and easy to maintain. However, its installation costs more than the other garage door types. Hire only the best when it comes to secure garage door installation services to be assured of quality and durability of your new roll up garage door.


Another popular garage door style is the sectional type. It is composed of panel sections that are connected to each other through hinges on its ends. It also rolls in when opened or closed similar to the roll up type. However, instead of rolling around a drum, it follows a track up the ceiling. It is completely parallel to the ceiling when fully open. If you have adequate overhead space in your garage, this garage door type will work fine.

Side Slide

It works similarly like the sectional type. However, instead of sliding to the top, it slides to the side making it lie parallel to the wall when the garage is opened. It perfectly works best for garage with little or no headroom at all.


Side-hinged garage doors are old fashioned but there are still some homeowners who choose this style if they’re aiming for a classic look for their home. It works similarly like a barn door – the door is attached to the frame with hinges on either side. The most common types are made of wood but there are some models that are made from galvanized steel for more durability. For garages with limited space and headroom, this one would be perfect since it opens to the outside.

Tilt-Up Canopy

The tilt-up canopy type is not composed of slats or sections but rather a single solid piece. It works through pivoting hinge mechanism; the door will tilt up into the garage and could extend past your garage door when it is fully open. This type needs a little bit overhead space to allow the tilting mechanism work properly.

Choosing the right garage door depends greatly on how much garage space you have to spare. If you’re still confused, don’t hesitate to consult the experts for best advice on which type is best for your garage.