The living room is the most communal area in a home or an apartment. It’s where everyone usually convenes for TV nights and chats, and it’s also the place where guests are received. Therefore, all homeowners want the living room to look as gorgeous as possible. The best way to actually make your living room look stunning is to choose a great colour. There isn’t a single set of colours or shades that suit living rooms per set. But you should make the decision based on aspects of the living room like the size, natural light, and furnishing. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas:

Choose Saturated Colours for Well-Lit Living Rooms

Does your living room have large windows or French doors that allow in plenty of light inside? If the space is airy and bright during the daytime, you should choose a saturated colour that will complement the summery atmosphere. For such living rooms, chic shades like peacock blue or earthy orange are great. Choose a bright colour that reminds you of summer. You can get expert tips on such shades from painters around Brisbane.

Use Sunny Hues for Dingy Living Rooms

Not all living rooms have the luxury of receiving a lot of natural light. If you live in an apartment, for example, the amount of light you get in the living room will be limited. If that’s the case, you can brighten up the space by choosing a sunny shade like banana yellow, ivory white, pumpkin orange, or pink. You can choose muted tones like grey or coffee, but these will have to be complemented with bright artificial light. Otherwise, the room would be too dark all the time.

Match the Shade to Furnishing

It’s important to match the wall colour to existing furniture. If the furniture is traditionally dark tones like brown or black, then you can go with just about any colour you want. However, if you have bright coloured furniture, then the wall colour must contrast these shades. Get the colours matched to avoid disappointment later.

Pick Your Shade by Decorating Style

Is your living room already decorated in minimalist, tropical, or Mediterranean styles? Then choose a colour scheme that goes with this overall theme. For minimalist, modern outdoor lounge  living rooms, simple and neutral colours, like white or steel grey, are the best. If your living room is decidedly Mediterranean, then coastal blues, olive greens, and earthy hues would match perfectly. Likewise, choose shades to match the existing theme to boast a stylish living room.

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Don’t be Afraid of Colour Combinations

Not everyone wants a monochromatic living room. Yes, you can combine colours, even for the living room. It can be tricky, but possible. If you are not daring, you can go with classic combinations like black and white or blue and yellow. Just take a look around the living room to see which colours would best match.

Do you want a sophisticated and elegant living room? Then choose a neutral shade. These shades include steely grey, white, black, champagne, and nearly all shades of brown. Neutrals are great when you want to add colour with furnishings or upholstery. If you have big decorating plans, then a neutral colour is best because it would match with nearly all furniture and decorations.

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