If you’re looking to redecorate your home, you could start renovating your bathroom or kitchen. Or, you can turn to something simpler and easy to change – your living room. You don’t even need to change your sofa or your television; you can start things off by changing your cushion.

With the variety of cushions available in market, it can get difficult to make a decision between fashion and function. Cushions not only enhance the room but also add health benefits by improving the sitting postures positively.

Cushions are considered as the perfect option to decorate the living room especially when you have large sofas or floor sittings to beautify. This is the best way to make the room spacious and colorful. Keeping a balance between function and fashion is particularly challenging when you have to pick cushions for a room where most of your day time would be spending.

Finding the Right Fashion and Cushion Covers

Wow Cushions offers the biggest selection of trendy cushions that you can place in your home to increase the beauty of the place. With this huge variety, you are definitely going to get something that would suit your own style and individual preference. You can select different color contrasts for different rooms and even in a single room you can make a combo to brighten up the room in a classy way.

Finding the Right Cushion Shape and Colors

Choosing the right cushion shape is important. Go with solid geometric shapes rather than to go with vague shapes. Colors go more with strong shapes because they provide a definable shape to cushion adding to the overall ambience of the room. Selection of colors is another important area where you need to think a lot before making a decision. You have to select the colors beforehand to make your purchase easy. Try not to match the colors everywhere because it would cause monotonous effect. In fact, go for a contrast and add as much colors as are possible in an elegant way.

What is the Type of Fabric You’re Looking for?

Type of fabric can change the feel completely. If you select a silk fabric that is going to give a more luxurious and exotic look but if you need to buy a more durable and long lasting fabric you can go with linen. Linen is a strong fabric and goes well with different colors. If you have pets, you are definitely going to love the modern furry cushions because your pet would love that.

Functional characteristic associated to cushions:

It is very important to consider health benefits before you make your decision regarding cushion purchase because the main purpose is to provide support to your lower back. Whether you place cushion on your sofa, chair or floor it must provide a good posture.

The durability of cushion depends highly on the thing with which it is filled. Some cushions are filled with artificial polyester but to provide better quality, it sometimes is filled with feathers of ducks.