Modern kitchens have now come up with a new surprise – fridges under the counter. This ingenious concept has been slowly making its way into a lot of contemporary kitchens. These can be very convenient for cooking enthusiasts and households who look to save up on some space in the kitchen. They come in various designs and sizes to accompany your kitchen so it is totally up to you as to what functionality it will serve and what appearance they will take.

Instrument Cabinets are ideal

These cosy cabinets come between medium to large- sized and are very sleek in design. Almost integrated into the design, you wouldn’t even know they are there if you weren’t looking for them. Needless to point out, these ideal cabinets save up on a lot of space and bring a certain element of class wherever you place them, may it be the living, kitchen or an outdoor bar. Since these come with well-defined drawers it is very easy to organize food groups inside them without having to resort to the jumbled mess we usually have in a conventional fridge. In addition to this, they ensure you keep all the essentials for cooking near your work station minimizing the amount of time you would waste by going to and from your cooking station.

Cold Storage Applications

Food preservation is essential and cold storage is key to this. If your house has an indoor and outdoor kitchen, under counter fridge can keep your food fresh, in addition to looking great as well. These fridges come with transparent glass doors so you can actually identify if there is a food item you require before even opening the door. These beauties also come with a separate rack for liquor and wine and have their own differentiated temperature. Yeah, you can control the temperature to be different in different drawers which would provide the optimum condition for different food types.

Two Drawers, Two Uses

Some of these fridges with the under the counter design come with two big separate drawers where one would be used for chilling and one would be used to freezing. It would fulfil the same application as a normal fridge but would save up more space, look better and be more economical all at once. Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in the chiller department and your cold meats frozen solid in the freezer compartment.

Choose what suits you and where

It all boils down to what you want. If it’s an outdoor kitchen you want equipped with a refrigerator then these sleek fridges might just be the solution. For an outdoor kitchen, the dynamic combination of a wine chiller and refrigerator would really spice up the look of it all. You could dedicate storing your beverages in the wine chiller while the fridge will only be used to store food items and other essentials instead or been used for both. This would maximize the space you have in these fridges and assist you in catering for any outdoor summer parties you might host.