Do you find yourself cramped in that small house of yours? Do your kids lack space to move around? Do you want to buy new furniture but you do not have ample space for it? Then perhaps, your house needs a little expansion. Similar to any house improvements, adding more space to your house also needs careful planning. Listed below are some ideas to help you get started with your project.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Traditional houses separate indoor and outdoor living. However, nowadays, a trend has emerged linking both spaces into an integral one. Such a trend is common for houses in a tropical country. Then does that mean that you cannot do the same if you are not in a tropical country? Surprisingly, you can. Use similar floor tiles from the indoor living room to your outdoor space to create a continuous flow. Installing French doors and/or glass panel walls in between to create a visual connection between the two. In your outdoor space, add a kitchen so you can prepare meals outside. This will also set your outdoor space apart from the conventional patios with al fresco dining setups. Complete the look of your full-service outdoor space by adding a fireplace to keep you warm during the winter season, or a ceiling fan to cool you off during the summer season.

Backyard Studio

Do you need a larger room instead? Convert your backyard into a studio of anything – home office, entertainment room, music studio, retreat house, art studio, or anything you have in mind. Name it! Creating a space by your garden provides a great expansion for your house. Determine what you want to do with your space. Next, design your space in such a way that you can incorporate everything that is in your mind. Identify the type of materials that you want to use, as this will affect your overall budget. After gathering all your materials for the construction and finishing, you just have to put it all together to create your backyard studio. Although some opt to make this a DIY project, you can contact a home extension Melbourne expert to assist you in your project.

Elevated or Lowered Space

Depending on the terrain of your house, you can have an additional elevated or lowered space. If you are living on sloped terrain, consider building an elevated sheltered living space where you can dine and relax. In fact, an elevated living space also provides additional outdoor space beneath it. Such outdoor space can be further developed into a recreational area for your family. However, if you have the typical flat terrain, you can build an open deck where you can freely roam around under the heat of the sun. Grab a book and spend your breezy afternoon reading peacefully in your deck.

Expand your living space so it will better suit your family’s needs. Do not hold back as innovating your house will certainly complement your lifestyle. With all these suggested ideas, you can certainly do a lot more by just staying within the comforts of your home.