You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of cash to buy fancy looking things for your home. And although having some extra cash to spend on the interior decor of your home is always great, not everyone has an abundance of money lying around. Yet we all want to experience a fancy first class A-list lifestyle, so here are a couple of ways to make your room look a whole lot more expensive:

Go Crazy with the Pillows

Adding a lot of pillows, throws and bed cushions just makes any space look more luxurious. Of course you have to make sure not to go overboard. Having lots of plush and overfilled pillows can truly transform a sofa or bed, especially a bed. And it will make you feel as though you are at a holiday retreat rather than at your home. Because all the fanciest hotel beds tend to be overflowing with pillows.

Epic Lighting

You may have to do some slight renovation for this but I promise that it will be fully worth it. Get stunning light fixtures that add a bit of dramatic flair and romance to the room. Invest in various types of lighting from overhead lights, to recessed lighting, lampshades, chandeliers and bedside table lights. I know you might think that layering the lights in a bedroom might be a bit unnecessary and expensive but it looks good in the end and just adds to the whole indulgent atmosphere of the room.

Greenery Is Always Good

Go to the plant shop and select some cute potted indoor plants that do not require much maintenance. Indoor plants can take your room from zero to hero is a few seconds. Believe it or not, a plant on your dresser or on your bedside table will truly help capture that feeling of luxury in the room. Just try it out and see whether or not you like the look. But if you are not going to water the planet or give it enough sunlight then forget about getting one because it will likely be dead in a few weeks. So be warned, greenery is great but often requires maintenance.

Blankets Are Best

I swear that a fluffy blanket on the bed will just turn the space into one that is fit for a king. I do not know why exactly blankets have this effect. It might just be that we are conditioned to thinking expensive and luxurious homes have blankets on their bed. Either way a thick, fuzzy, plush (preferably faux fur) blanket at the foot of the bed can turn a mediocre space into one of absolute glamour. Chose a blanket that is not too shabby looking and you are good to go.

So now you know how to get that luxurious look for your home. It is simple and easy. Always ensure to buy good quality pieces that are durable and have a long warranty period so that even though you are paying a lot of money it will be fully worth the price.