Do you find the outdoors soothing and relaxing? If you feel cramped in your home in the city, there are several ways to make it greener and one with nature. Here are the tips:

Install a Garden Shower

We spend 30 minutes to an hour (or even longer) a day in the shower. What better way to pamper yourself after a long, hard day that to shower outside surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers? Garden showers are a feature common to eco resorts. But you can have this amazing amenity in your home as well. To install a garden shower, first you will need an enclosed garden or a courtyard that assured privacy from prying eyes. Then a shower can be installed outdoors. Some homeowners blend the bathroom and the garden into one entity. The idea is that the bath opens to an enclosed outdoor area, so you can take a dip in the rub or shower while also enjoying the natural beauty outside.

Build an Outdoor-Facing Kitchen

Who says the kitchen has to be a cramped space inside the home? There are cool new versions where the cooking area faces a garden or a courtyard. One wall may be replaced by a massive glass door. Or you can do away with the doors and build a cooking area surrounded by an enclosed garden. If you fry or barbeque a lot, this would be just perfect. However, you will have to find a top-notch interior designer for the job. Consider browsing a designer kitchen showroom Melbourne or in your local area to find the most suitable choice.

Consider an Inner Courtyard

Inner courtyards are classically defined as little gardens surrounded by houses with no entry or exist of its own. A staple of old Europe, an inner courtyard is a gorgeous sight in a city. In the modern sense, inner courtyards can be build inside houses. It’s like building a small garden, typically surrounded by hallways. Some inner courtyards are attached to the living room. It would be a sight to see. You can enter or exit this mini green paradise without leaving the house. You can install a glass roof above to let the sunlight in, but to keep the rain and the snow out. Building an inner courtyard may require significant renovations to your home. But the cost and effort will be well worth the end result.

Buy Indoor Plants

If you don’t have a budget to hire architects and bring down walls, there’s a much simpler ways to make your home more eco-friendly: indoor plants. Buy as many indoor plants as you can and fill your living room with them. Indoor plants are not recommended in bedrooms because, at night, plants use oxygen instead of emitting it. But there are plenty of other parts of the house you can place indoor plants. There are hydroponic, soil-free varieties you can use so the indoors never get dirty.

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DIY Indoor Herb Garden without Soil

One of the most beneficial ways to get some green into your home is to cultivate a herb garden using a hydroponic system. It’s soil free, and you can use the produce for cooking!

Consider the above suggestions for making your home more green and pleasant to live in. Most options are costly, but you can easily try something simple as buying an indoor plant.

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