If there is one thing just as time-consuming and stress-inducing as building a house from scratch, it is renovating a home. So if you have been putting off your own home renovation for years now, we do not blame you. Most people sit down to plan it, and then give up in despair when they realize they cannot seem to pin their ideas down, nor able to come up with a realistic solution to the problem. However, nowadays it should not be so hard, especially not with this much information available at our fingertips on a daily basis. So with that, here is a checklist put together to make your home renovation a reality.

Needs and Wants

It is time to get some economics out of the way. Firstly, you need to categorize everything that must be done into needs and wants. What are the things you cannot do without, and what are the things that are optional? Come up with a list of preferences for different things, such as lighting for instance, and flooring. If you have any brand names in mind for them, include them too. This will help you work on costing together with your contractor when the time comes. Be as detailed as possible, so everyone is on the same page.

Know Your Budget

Before you begin scouring through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, you might want to sort your budget out and come clean on that. Otherwise, you might invest yourself in beautiful options that are way too expensive, so why go through all that disappointment when you can just be happy with equally beautiful options for less? Though of course luxury products are in a league of their own, that is not to say that more budget-friendly ones are any less becoming. So including any costs for things like hiring help such as a painter in Brisbane for example, know how much you can afford.


You may want an elaborate renovation, but of course, the extent of it is quite subjective depending on the current condition of the house and also how much time you have to allocate to this. You might be migrating for instance, or moving houses altogether and need to have this one done up before the sale date. There are a number of different circumstances that affect the timeline, so you should first tackle the mandatory parts and then get on to the rest. It will help you work more efficiently as well.

Know the Weather

Depending on which part of the world you live in, the weather phenomena you are subject to will vary, which is why you should check the weather patterns in your area. The last thing you want to be is stuck with half a roof in your home in the middle of a storm. Not at all ideal. Though unexpected showers are very possible, what you want to avoid is a continuously rainy season. Additionally, make preparations to have the site taken care of, if in case the adverse weather does come out.