Kitchen bench tops tend to get some people really excited. But considering all the options there are, it actually ends up stressing people out when they have to select a countertop for their pantry. So here is a mini guide to what the most popular countertops are and why:

Granite guardians

As usual, granite is the number one choice of almost everyone all around the globe in terms of countertops. Granite looks clean, polished and so very elegant, which adds a lot of value to one’s kitchen while also providing homeowners a place to do all their cooking. Granite slabs need to be wiped down with a wet cloth and cleaned thoroughly so that it does not get damaged. It is easy to maintain but just requires good care. Wipe away oils and other substances that could cause it to look stained. Granite comes in a unique spotty pattern that most people like.

Quaint Quartz

These bench tops are almost entirely maintenance-free. They are heat resistant, scratch proof, strain resistant, unaffected by acid and unfazed by heavy impacts. Making Quartz a real contender in the kitchen. And since it is also available in a wide array of colours and shades, it is quite popular in most kitchens.

Lazy laminates

Unfortunately, this is one of the top three most popular countertops, whether people get it out of necessity or lack of money. It is not a very good option mostly because it is not natural stone. If you have the choice and the money never go for laminate countertops especially in the kitchen. Although it was popular at one point, it is really not durable or easy to maintain and is not a worthwhile investment. So if you can afford to, always go for a long-lasting and easy to maintain bench top that adds value to your house (especially if you plan to sell it).

Wonderful wood

Wooden butcher-block countertops are great for any kitchen. Although wooden countertops might not be anyone’s first option they are actually extremely functional and a great space for prepping food in the kitchen. The wood is treated and sealed so it is definitely sanitary. It is also heat resistant so hot utensils and pots are not going to burn it. If you are not comfortable having only wooden counter-space then you can have some areas that are also natural stone.

Majestic marble

You have probably heard of ‘Carrara’ marble if you have not then just know it is one of the top picks of any designer or homeowner. It gives any kitchen a look of luxury and timeless elegance with its glittering white surface. It is not too expensive and costs around the same as granite but unlike granite, marble tends to stains a lot quicker. So it needs to be cleaned regularly.

These are the top countertop material picks all over the world. They vary in so many ways and are unique in their own way so just pick what you think is best for you and your space.

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