There was a time when living in suburbs with a small self-sufficient family was the American dream for several foreigners as well as Americans. However, nowadays it is pretty easy to find homes in suburbs for sale. But, it is almost impossible to live in one mainly if you had lived without following rules or have an aversion to following rules. It is worse in gated communities which have its own police and security. They also give you a list of rules that are expected out of you to follow and have their own council that oversees the different needs and events in the community. However, it is important to understand that when people move in suburbs they have no idea that people are expecting them to follow certain rules like they do in gated communities. Therefore, here are few commonly followed rules in suburbs that are well know and are expected of you.

Lawn freaks

They are crazy about their lawns. You might be living in a dump of a house but they expect your house to look good from outside since you are part of their suburbs and it will reflect badly on them. You can make use of professionals who work on lawn like landscapes lindfield. However, if you are interested in gardening, you can always plant and look after your garden. You can also install sprinkler system to ensure that your plants are watered properly. You can add statutes or other structures but it should not be offensive and you might need to get the permission of city council or your area council on that matter. You can add pool but there are restriction on use and even adding pool in certain suburbs.

No noise

They hate noise. It is weird that people who have kids consider moving to suburbs to make sure that their kids have space to run around and other kids to play with. But, most of the suburbs have low tolerance for noise and they would not mind dialing 911 to report you. It is true; they are kid friendly and usually have a park nearby for kids to play and schools that are close with school bus facilities. However, you can’t host a gathering or party (not with loud music).


As shocking as it might be, there are only a select number of pets and only certain breeds that are allowed to be reared in suburbs. You cannot have any kind of vicious animals even hunting dogs. If you have dogs or cats (animals which are not caged), you need to make sure that they do not defecate in your neighbors lawns. When they defecate in public, you need to dispose it and make sure there is no bad odor left behind. Certain suburbs also expect your pets to be spayed or neutered.

These are just few widely enforced rules, but these rules vary depending on the place you are moving to. It is better to make friends with your neighbor as soon as possible, because they will let you in on the silent rules and the local gossip of your suburb. You cannot be socially awkward in a suburb; you need to learn to be social with your neighbors to hack living in your neighbourhood.