The literature describes sophistication to be a tall woman in expensive clothes with a poise that excludes confidence or to be a man in a rich suit walking straight as if he owns the room or as a large room of a mansion decorated carefully. We expect sophistication to come attached to the word rich. We want to look sophisticated and we wish to be seen and admired in the way literature did all those elegant characters. Sophistication is not something you learn, it’s something you possess, people say, but we think adding a little sophistication to your everyday lives is not that much of a hard feast. If sophistication is your goal, you can start from the closest place to your heart, home.


Hang art on Your Walls  

So, what brings sophistication into your home? It’s art. Hang some large-scale abstract art pieces on your walls and your home will look more elegant than ever. When people think of art, they immediately assume they’re expensive and to be honest, most of them are. However, you can easily find good art pieces in thrift stores and flea markets for reasonable prices. It does not have to be something a famous artist painted. It could be something painted by someone no one knows but as long as it goes with your décor and looks nice, it will give your house that chic and modern look everyone wants. If you have an artistic bone in your body, you could easily paint something and hang your artwork too.

Add a few vintage items

There is nothing more that screams sophistication more than vintage stuff. If you could find anything that looks like it belonged in a castle from hundreds of years ago, buy it. It could be a vintage looking rug. It could be a coffee table with scraps. It could be a large vase. It could be a table. As long as it looks like something with a rich history that anyone would be fascinated by, you can use it to decorate your house. People always associate antiques with being rich and sophisticated.

Simplify your style

Simplifying your styles is rather important when it comes to making your house look sophisticated. We tend to buy everything that we deem pretty whether it goes with the furniture or not because we do it want to regret not buying it when we had the chance. But, from now on, remember to buy things that go with your décor or just not buy it at all. A simple living room decorated perfectly looks far more sophisticated than a living room filled with unwanted things. All the furniture in that simple living room could have come from a flea market, but as much as we associate sophistication with being rich, that doesn’t necessarily mean all the furniture must be expensive. So, simplify your style. Choose only two or three colours. Be smart.