Whilst assisted living is a common topic out there, that does not mean it becomes any easier to deal with when you are faced with it. It can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, which is why it is important to learn how to transition through this period as skilfully as possible. It might be difficult to do so at first, but there are also other means of assisted living like at home for instance, that could be useful depending on your circumstances. However, the change to lifestyle is what is more pressing than anything else, and this has everything to do with mentality. So take a look at how we can combat that, and welcome a new phase, however difficult it might be at first.

Continue Old Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way of drawing us back to our happy place. That is what they did to us as kids, and that is what they do to us now. No matter how old you are, re-visiting these hobbies can make you feel like a child again, grasping us in that same wonderment and delight. Because they positively connect to all of those emotions, it can be a powerful tool during the transition. Plus, it keeps you occupied and your mind focused on one thing for some time, which is very refreshing. At least from a meditational point of view.


Just because someone is in an assisted living facility, it does not mean everything is fine. Sure they have a lot more resources at hand to make everyday life easier, but more than any of this, it is important to communicate. If you are setting up such a system at home for instance, talk about whether domestic elevatorswould be something that could help depending on the individual’s requirements. Perhaps they require extra mobility, which can be facilitated via such methods. Always have open lines of communication, so everyone has complete transparency at all times. It is essential.

Brighten Up The Setting

Be it at home or at a professional assisted living facility, brightening up the space is always a good idea. Fill it up with flowers, photographs, posters, and whatever else you think might benefit the person in question. Plants are a very good additions to a room by the way, and if you browse through some of the air-purifying flora, you will find quite a variety. Healthy and beautiful to look at. Plants also add instant life to any room, automatically changing energy which is practically tangible. Set up things they might use a lot, may be related to their hobby even, so they will feel at home as much as possible.

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Encourage Activities

Growing old does not necessarily mean you lose your passion for things, and there could be some activities the elderly are interested in. Encourage them, even if they feel like they are beyond them. Yoga, Tai Chi and other gentle, yet effective exercises, are ideal for both the elderly and the injured, and for the latter vital in rehabilitation processes as well.