One of the biggest downsides of owning a house, an apartment or any type of living space is having to pay your electricity bill. From heaters, to charging your electronic devices or keeping your food frozen the uses of electricity range across many beneficial areas. And if you think it is something you cannot cut down on here are some great tips that prove otherwise!

Change the Light Bulbs in Your Home

Changing the light bulbs in your home is a great way to reduce the electricity bill. If you replace the single 40W common bulb and replace it with LED bulbs, it will result in a significant reduction in the annual amount you pay on the electricity.

Go Green, Go Solar

Installing solar panels in your home is possible thanks to the new technological developments. Popular solar product providers such as SolarArk offer a range of options the likes of solar ventilation, air conditioning and even solar hydronic, not just for household consumption but also for commercial purposes. Plus, this will contribute to bringing down environmental pollution and conserving energy as well.

Do You Really Need a Second Refrigerator ?

One in every three houses has a second refrigerator that they might hardly ever use but is plugged in 24/7. While most of us think that we can store all kinds of frozen foods, remember that frozen foods are one of the unhealthiest options you can find. Also, when we buy a new fridge we do not wish to entirely put the old fridge out of use. But remember that the old refrigerators cost hundreds of dollars a year to run. Plus, they might emit Ozone-Depleting Chemicals.

Choose a Microwave Instead Of an Oven

Go with the microwave when you heat up something like soup or even a piece of pizza. You tend to save up to 80% of the energy when you use the microwave although it might be hard to believe!

Did You Forget The Lawn Equipment?

Opt out for non-motorized lawn equipment such as a reel-push mower if you do not have a spacious lawn. You will not have to plug it in or buy gas for it therefore you will cut down greatly on the emissions!

Get a Programmable Thermostat

These programmable thermostats reduce heating and the cooling costs in your home by 25% or 30%. They are also known as clock thermostats or setback thermostats. These can reduce the cooling and heating losses in your home or even your commercial building by automatically or manually adjusting the amount of heating and cooling in the internal environment.

Is Your Electric Bill Bringing You Down?

Don’t Forget the Basics

The basics being switching off unnecessary equipment plugged into your house’s energy system. Makesure you switch off everything while you are away; this applies for when you are at work too. Use natural light as much as possible during daytime and make sure any furniture does not block the air vents in your home.

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