The outdoor space in a home is just as important as any room. In fact, the outdoor area can be thought of as an open room without walls (but the boundaries are present of course). There are several ways you can redo your home’s garden or yard to make it more intimate and ideal for entertaining and just hanging out as a family. It all starts with the motivation. When you are inspired, here are several great ideas that will help you transform your outdoor space from drab and generic to spectacular:

Use Bold Colours

Yes, you do need a colour palette to work with the outdoor areas. It’s the outdoors, so there will be natural hues present from the plants, the sky, earth and other non-artificial aspects. The colours you choose for wall paint and outdoor furniture should complement these hues. The best way to do this is to choose bright and breezy colours that reflect the best of nature. Choose bright hues on the light side or neutral earthy tones to bring out the best in the flowers and trees in your garden. If possible, avoid green because it would look invisible next to the grass and all the other verdant flora. The idea is to create a relaxing and cosy environment that you can spend hours at.

Get Hammocks and Create Shade

Hammocks are great for backyards to up the relaxing aspect. They are great for spending time on your own, and the guests will also love the hammocks when coming over for tea or evening gatherings. In the summer, the hammocks will make the yard a very happy place indeed. If you have a large outdoor area that can get very sunny on warm days, consider installing  sail shades. These are great for creating well shaded areas around pools and open space for lounging or dining. You can add a daybed or two as well so there’s more to enjoy when you want to spend time outside in the summer.

Use Lantern Fixtures to Create a Romantic Ambience

There are several ways to create outdoor lighting. While you can use bright lights for pathways, try using electric lanterns for lounging areas to create a romantic and unique atmosphere.

Add Hanging Plants

Potted plants can add colour and green accents to any outdoor garden. If your space is limited for potted plants, consider getting hanging plants. These either go on the side of garden walls, hedges, or some can be hung on patios. Small hanging plants are great for showing off colourful and precious followers. You can also use hanging plants in front of the kitchen to grow herbs and other small delicacies.

Create Fenced in Areas

Want to create a private corner in your yard when you don’t want to be disturbed? Use a fence or hedges. Typically used for distinguishing property boundaries, a fence wall can create a private oasis within your private outdoor space. Think of Secret Garden-style private spaces. You can cultivate small gardens or create reading nooks in these areas.

In addition to the above, you can create an al fresco dining area in a shady area. Don’t forget to buy weather-resistant furniture for this.

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